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History of Errani Team

Founded by Riccardo Errani in 1989, the Errani Team made an immediate impact on the national and international rally scene. The Errani name was strongly linked to Lancia and the evolution of the Delta. The Errani Team dominated the European rally circuit from the beginning of '90s being, runner up twice in a row to the prestigious Mitropa Cup in the classification of private drivers.




36 acropoli rally 1989
Errani Team
Errani Team

In the mid '90s the Errani Team achieved enormous success on the national circuit winning the Italian Cup a number of times with four Lancia Delta Evo IIIs and the addition of skilled drivers.

In 1996 Errani, commenced a partnership with the Jolly Club in Milan and also began racing with two Ford Escort Cws, but still maintaining his relationship with Lancia. This new partnership meant that Errani's drivers could prove themselves on the international rally circuit and enabled them to enjoy success within Italy and abroad.

The addition of a Subaru Impreza and a Mitsubishi Evo VI enabled the Errani Team to enjoy further success and great prestige, thanks to Riccardo Errani's tecnical and commercial expertise and the the team's support and proficiency.

Participation in the World Rally Championship stimulated the Errani Team to modify its technical expertise and strategies ane Riccardo Errani emerged even stronger on the WRC circuit which he continues to challenge.

Today the Errani Team, including its founder Riccardo Errani and his pilot, Stefano Casadio, boasts a series of infinite success. In the last three years the Team has participated in over twenty world races and the Errani Team is the only italian team present on the World Rally Championship.

61° rally monte-carlo 1993

This season, the first year participating in the World Championship Production class (Group N) has brought strong results: five points in championship standings.